Diseños Bambú Arquitectura

Cabaña Ballenita XS

Design Bamboo Cabaña Ballenita XS

Bamboo cabaña, with wooden floor and chopped cane walls.

Cabaña Ballenita XS
Render Cabaña Ballenita XS

The structure is self-supporting, it is placed on a "foundation" made of chopped cane. Due to the dry climate in Ballenita (average 150 mm of rainfall per year), a concrete foundation is not needed. Roof: chopped cane covered with steel plates (zinc).

The bamboo of the structure and walls is preserved with Maderol and diesel.

Interior surface 12 m2 (2×6 m), front height 2.4 m, back height 2 m.

Construction 2018.

Bamboo for the structure
Bamboo for the structure cut to size
Side wall structure standing without supports
Chopped cane: the “foundation” for the cabaña
Next step: assembly of the structure
Detail: bolts in three directions stabilizing the structure
The structure of the cabaña with caña picada on top
The cabaña with bamboo doors and windows
Products of this cabaña


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