Diseños Bambú Arquitectura

Bamboo House Colombia

Design Bamboo House Colombia
Diseño Casa Bambú Colombia, Bambú Arquitectura.

Two-story Colombian house. First floor: open space. Second floor: living/dining room, kitchen, bedroom, 2 bathrooms, staircase, terrace. Total area: 160 m2.

Walls: sandwich panels made of chopped cane, thermal insulation, plywood boards and gypsum sheets, interior walls: plastered and painted. Bathroom walls: water resistant gypsum plates with wall tiles. Wooden doors with glass, sliding aluminum windows, bamboo bars. Ground floor: reinforced concrete, second floor: reinforced concrete on a structura of bamboo beams and chopped cane. Roof: chopped cane, covered with rooftile like Kubiteja Tradicional steel plates.

3d model

Bamboo House Colombia 28022022 by Bambú Arquitectura on Sketchfab

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